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Teaching Smarter With SMART Boards

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This was one of the mose useful professional ed courses I have taken. Each lesson had practical, easy to understand information. I came away with more useful tools than from all of the other Act 48 courses I have ever taken. Thank you

I learned so much from this course. It was much better than an in-service since I got to actually do the assignments and activities. I feel better prepared to work with the SMARTboard in my classroom and help my students learn to use it as well.

This course has been very helpful and has increased my confidence greatly. The instructor spoke in terms that were understandable and easy to follow. The lessons and the assignments were able to be used in the classroom immediately. I enjoyed the lessons. I could not wait to return to the next lesson. I have taken other SDE courses and have always been impressed by the quality of the course and the knowledge of the teacher, as well as with this course. I did appreciated the flexibility of participation in the lessons.

Lori is a phenomenal teacher. I have seen her in person at SDE conference workshops and am amazed at how much of her dynamic personality comes through via the web! She is direct, candid and patient and she really understands this dilemma many teachers are in: they are too old to be techno-babies but young enough that they simply must "catch up" with the technology their students have grown up with.

Great class and the teacher really knew her subject!

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