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Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6

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I enjoyed this course. The information presented was very useful. There were some excellent graphics included, like the submarine sandwich and wheel, which I intend to use in my classroom. Overall, I just really enjoyed this course and am charged up to begin teaching again! I took many notes, and intend to refer to them throughout my school year. Thank you.

Wonderful, extremely informative class. Excellent teacher who really made learning enjoyable and fun!

Your course got me excited to teach writing in the classroom once again! I found the material to be interesting and useful.

This course was excellent. I learned a lot and reflected on a lot of the practices as I went through the material. Our instructor was not only very knowledgeable in her field, she was also very personable and resourceful in her responses to our discussion area sessions. Thank you !

I really enjoyed this course! The information was so well-organized. I know I'll be able to apply much of what I've learned to my teaching. Melanie is clearly very knowledgeable. I appreciated that the course was extremely hands-on and teacher-friendly. I've taken many online courses, but this has been the best, by far. Thanks again for a great class!

I loved this course! It was full of excellent ideas for implementing an interesting and effective writing program in the upper grades classroom. Thank you so much! I walked away from this course with a greater understanding of the writing process as well as so many ideas that I can't wait to try out.

This course was an excellent course. It will help me in the fall to engage and help students with writing. The instructor was knowledgeable and informative and I learned a lot from her.

This course was wonderful! As a fifth grade teacher home on maternity leave, I was able to get a complete overview of teaching writing to upper elementary students. Not only was it all encompassing, I learned many new terms, strategies, and fun lesson ideas I could incorporate into my classroom the next day. The course was totally relevant and very interesting. Thank you!

This was an outstanding course taught by an excellent instructor. I would highly recommend this course to others. I got more than my money's worth in taking this class. Thank you.

Writing can be a dreadful chore and an insurmountable challenge for some students. "Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6" provides a strategic road map with many exciting adventures along the way. Because she has taught in public schools and has been in the trenches herself, Melanie Park recognizes the problems writing presents and gives practical advice for solving them. Every lesson is a precise how-to with varied suggestions for implementation. As a student, I have been challenged to think about writing in many novel ways and am grateful for the step-by-step techniques and strategies outlined in this course.

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