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The Creative Classroom

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I am a licensed teacher staying home with my children. I am taking classes for licensure renewal. I am currently homeschooling my third grader and first grader. This class was perfect. I have applied many of the ideas in our school day.

I am an Art major and think myself to be fairly creative. I was impressed with your very practical uses of creativity for the core subjects. Your ideas will help me, since I also have to teach these subjects. Thank you for the over-all coverage of elementary curriculum.

I found this course to be interesting and useful. There were lots of great ideas presented that will be easy to incorporate into any classroom. All of the resources included in the supplementary material will be a great help.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and took from it some good ideas that I have already incorporated into my classroom! Thank you!

Thanks so much for a great course. I learned so much and am looking forward to applying all this new material in my classroom someday; hopefully soon!

Thank you for putting this course together. I found many many ideas to implement into my classroom. It also just makes your mind think differently and notice new ideas as they come up in the year.

This is a really interesting and stimulating class with a great and helpful instructor!

This is my 36th year of teaching and I have taken lots of continuing education classes. I was very impressed with the content and presentation of the material in this course. I am certified in math and art and consider myself to be a creative teacher, but I found some very interesting and useful ideas to add to my preparation. I particularly liked the math field day concept and believe that my school would be very supportive of the idea.

This course was wonderful! I haven't taken a class in years, so I was a little nervous with the workload with having three kids, plus working. This course was so organized, informative, and useful. I can take every lesson and incorporate it into my own teaching. There wasn't one thing I read where I second guessed its usefulness. I love courses where you get re-energized and re-inspired and you are excited to take what you learned and apply it to your own students. This course did that for me. The length of each chapter was perfect. The reading material was easy to follow and the quizzes were easy as well (I like that if you missed a question you could go back to retake it!!). I was really impressed with how quickly comments were replied to by the instructor and how encouraging and positive they were!!! The comments made me feel important, just like we should be doing for our own students!! Thanks again for a great 6 weeks!!!

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