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The Keys to Effective Editing

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Lesson 1

Examine the roles of the copy editor and other editors who work within the publishing industry.

Lesson 2

Utilize the copy editors' symbols, try your hand at editing electronically, and practice editing PDFs.

Lesson 3

Discover the tools editors use to produce clarity and consistency.

Lesson 4

Apply the basics of grammar and punctuation that copy editors need to know.

Lesson 5

Apply editing rules and guidelines for spelling, capitalization, and number usage.

Lesson 6

Make sense of techniques for creating better syntax and style.

Lesson 7

Recognize the rules governing abbreviations and hyphens, and discover the basics of bibliographies and copyright law.

Lesson 8

Identify the editing needs of tables, charts, and photos, and discover the components of front and back matter.

Lesson 9

Break down the language and tools of fiction editing.

Lesson 10

Explore ways to build and maintain good editor-author-publisher relationships.

Lesson 11

Examine instances of difficult word usage that appear frequently in writing.

Lesson 12

Take steps to establish an editing career.






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