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Total Quality Fundamentals

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Excellent Instuctor! Very informational class. Met my reasons for taking the class.

I consider this an excellent introduction to Six Sigma. The topics are really fascinating to me and I just look forward to get more knowledge in the next course and pursue the Six Sigma certification.

I found this on-line course to be well laid out, and the materials supplied second to none. Instruction from Tony was both informative and in depth.

Mr. Swaim, I really enjoyed the course, and really appreciate all of the information found through supplementary Info. links. Looking forward to Six Sigma: Quality Management Applications.

Mr.Tony Swaim obviously enjoys his work and is passionate on sharing it with others. From the class lessons and test questions he is gifted in writing and communicating, having the ability to share his skills with others. His prompt interaction to questions along with discussions with others made the class seem friendly.

Thank you so much for a great course! I really enjoyed the course and found the material provided very useful and applicable to job situations. The supplementary materials are awesome.

Thank you Tony for all your hard work. Since taking this course, I am seriously thinking of going for my Green Belt or CQM. This will definitely help from a knowledge perspective in my current position and I hope to really use it in the next position I get. Thanks!

The course was a very good introduction to the concepts and history of quality management. I look forward to taking the next course where we really get to the "nuts and bolts" of ISO and lean management. Tony's lessons were clear and concise.

This course reaffirmed basic knowledge of quality systems. Thank you Tony for your instructional guidance. I will recommend this course to others.

Tony, awesome course! My company may want to include this course in their training program.

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