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Travel Writing

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Eva Shaw is a great instructor. She teaches and motivates the students from and experienced based position, instilling confidence, encouraging the student to take positive steps toward their goals.

Eva, you were brilliant and inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I really enjoyed the supplementary section of each lesson, I never realized just how many resources were at my fingertips! You've definately pointed me in the right direction. Many Thanks!

I am glad I signed up for this course. I now have the basic tools to get started in something I always wanted to do. Thank you Eva!

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this class. I feel inspired and motivated to pursue and area that I would never have thought of before. Isn't that the purpose of learning - to expand our horizons. This has certainly done that.

I have already referred a friend to your class, as she loves to write as well. I have taken several online classes, and by far I have enjoyed yours the most. You treat us all with respect, and the comments are so helpful. I learned so much from you, and you have ignited a spark in me to write, you taught me that I can do this with more practice, and for that I am grateful, thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and encouragement. I have gotten so much out of this course. I found all the lessons to be full of helpful advice, and have downloaded them for future reference. The assignments were good practice, and forced me into the habit of making time to write regularly (Thanks to the bubble method I now have more ideas than I know what to do with!) Also your feedback and encouragement has helped motivate me to continue down this new career path.

Thanks again, this course has been wonderful. I put this course on my resume when applying for the travel job and he seemed impressed...and I got the job!

You've nudged me and I finished an article. I submitted it to a small pilot magazine, and they're planning on publishing it.

After your suggestion of streamlining my query letter, I pitched to Eastern Surf Magazine (ESM) about doing a piece on surfing in India. They replied immediately and want me to do it for a section on traveling surfers on their website. I am stoked!

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