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Understanding Adolescents

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Lesson 1

Explore a generalized overview of adolescent development, emphasizing the three stages of development.

Lesson 2

Become familiar with biological processes occurring during adolescence and the impact this has on others.

Lesson 3

Learn about the changes to our thinking process when we reach adolescence and the impact this may have.

Lesson 4

Understand the role and purpose of friends and peers on our social development during adolescence.

Lesson 5

Analyze the role of the adolescent within the family and the influence the family has on adolescent social development.

Lesson 6

Study how emotions develop in childhood and adolescence, and to examine some things that influence emotions.

Lesson 7

Determine how identity and self-concept develop and the importance of this for adolescence.

Lesson 8

Delve into adolescent moral development and understand the role faith can have for the adolescent.

Lesson 9

Examine the issue of stress, frustration, and anxiety as it pertains to adolescence, with a focus on how we cope.

Lesson 10

Look at the nature versus nurture argument; explore temperament, personality, and resiliency as it relates to both children and adults.

Lesson 11

Summarize and organize various adolescent needs identified throughout the lesson, as well as to explore issues such as chronic illness, homosexuality, and parenting.

Lesson 12

Understand some abnormal behaviors or conditions common to adolescence.






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