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Understanding Adolescents

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I enjoyed the course. I found very informative and useful information and suggestions that will assist me in my teaching profession. Sonya has an effective and often humorous way of presenting her research. I highly recommend her as an instructor.

I enjoyed this course very much. I think it should be a prerequisite for all parents with children about to enter adolesence. Thank you!

I got some great information and plan to use all of it as I work with students, teachers, and parents this fall as a middle school counselor. This was my first on-line course and I would definitely take another one because it was a very good experience.

I have a young teenager at home. This course has been a tremendous help to me in learning to deal with her actions and reactions.

This course had lots of excellent information for parents and professionals who want a better understanding of pre-teens and teenagers. A lot of food for thought and very challenging!

This course helped to freshen up my knowledge on the subject of adolescent psychology. I found much of the information to be quite useful in dealing with my students at the junior high level as well as my 14-year-old daughter. Thanks.

This course was an excellent choice. The information was so interesting and useful, both professionally and personally. Thank you!

This was definitely one of the very most interesting and useful courses I have taken. It offers a tremendous amount of insight, especially for parents and others who teach/work with adolescents. In addition to providing information pertaining to all the important facets of adolescence, the instructor also ties this in with the impact of earlier life experiences, quality of parenting, family environment, etc. As a private educational tutor, I plan to utilize the understandings and knowledge I have gained to better meet the needs of my adolescent students.

This was my first online course...The convenience and flexibility of time was paramount in order for me to complete this course. I was able to juggle everything in a time sensitive manner...This course enabled me to achieve my objective. I needed to take a DESE of MA approved Adolescent Psychology course in order for me to meet the criteria for certification. This course was approved. I look forward to going to the DESE tomorrow with my Certificate of Completion. This class was informative. Thank you!

I took this course as an addition to my professional development requirement. I found it refreshing and very informative...This course has also allowed me to rethink my teaching style when interacting with my 6th, 7th and 8th grade students...The results were mind opening and life changing. I will look for this instructor again when I need to take another course. Thank you, Sonya!

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