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Understanding the Human Resources Function

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Understand the history of human resource in employment and its impact on current human resource functions.

Lesson 2

Become familiar with the human resource function in today’s organization including hiring and employee related duties, labor relations, and other common duties.

Lesson 3

Learn the process to initiate employee hiring and candidate review.

Lesson 4

Understand the completion of employee hiring through interview, background checks, and the hiring decision.

Lesson 5

Become familiar with employee recruiting methods through traditional, non-traditional, Internet, and Search Firm search techniques.

Lesson 6

Understand job satisfaction and programs to encourage employee retention.

Lesson 7

Learn about the moral and legal rights of employees and how to handle employee complaints.

Lesson 8

Become familiar with laws that apply in the workplace, including union-management, discrimination, wage and hour, safety, and other laws.

Lesson 9

Understand policy-making and employee policy manuals including legal issues, workplace policies and benefit policies.

Lesson 10

Learn the importance of employee communications and the essentials of effective communication.

Lesson 11

Learn how to administer and prepare an employee benefit program.

Lesson 12

Look at trends that impact the future of human resources and habits that foster human resource excellence.






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