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Understanding the Human Resources Function

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Ann Nevers is an exceptional instructor who not only provides excellent lessons, but responds to all discussion area notes in a timely manner. I hope Ann decides to add more classes as she has a wealth of knowledge to share with others, and is a terrific instructor!

Being new to HR, I found this course most helpful. It helped me to understand the HR functions and gave me guidance and ideas to bring into our program. I feel confident I can contribute successfully to my company.

Great class and excellent instructor! I learned so much in this class that my knowledge improved 100% on this subject.

Great course for an overview of Human Resource plus good tips on handling different aspects of the function such as hiring, developing/updating employee manuals, communications and benefits. Discussion area with instructor and other students was beneficial as a way to share ideas and learn from the experience of others.

I enjoyed the interaction that the classmates had with the instructor. I like the fact that we received a great deal of supplementary material that we can study further. Anne gave great feedback. I would definitely take another course led by her.

I enjoyed this course, it was the perfect length and covered all of the essentials in which I was looking for. The professor was excellent, her writing skills are exceptional, everyting was explained very clearly. I would strongly recommend this course!

I found this course to be highly informative and met my needs with a great deal of satisfaction. The instructor always responded to discussion on a timely basis and had a great deal of knowledge relating to the subject matter. I would highly recommend this course to others.

In my role as a Sales Manager I deal with the HR Function every day. The course really opened my eyes as to the Function. I gained some newfound skills from this course.

The course is packed with information that I can apply on my job immediately. Excellent course!

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