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Using Social Media in Business

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The information in your course is as good as gold. I know now I have the right information and direction to make a clear judgement on which way to take my business.

This is an excellent course! You provided a lot of valuable information in each lesson. I really appreciated the videos and quizzes in the lessons. Thank you!

Thanks Dr. Brad! This class is awesome! I will definitely refer some of my friends to this class in the future. I feel much more confident in my abilities to manage the social media aspect of our marketing. Great class!

Thank you for the effort that you put into all of your lesson plans. Each one was informative and I especially enjoyed the video segments that were added. They helped keep me engaged. The interactive quizzes were a welcomed change of pace. Kudos to you.

I really have to take the time to just say thank you, because when I first started this course, I was not sure how I would be able to learn all of these various platforms, yet build them. This course was great, and I will be recommending it to many of my colleagues and friends.

I enrolled in this course for further training in marketing and I have learned so much from it. Although I'm not a small business owner, I do feel well-equipped to help any future employers who need help with social media. In fact, there are many local businesses that advertise for part-time social media help that I feel confident I could help them grow their business using the information you have provided. Thank you!

I just wanted to thank you for providing this course. I've learned more about the social world than I ever thought existed. I am looking forward to being able to track and analyze the data that we put into our social platforms. Thank you, for all of your help.

Thank you for making this course so interesting. It was very organized and I learned more that I thought I would!

I think Dr. Brad's SOCIAL formula is excellent! A great way to organize this new information and really useful resource to refer to every time we start work on a new social media goal or process.

Now that I have taken this course, I feel more confident in finding a job working specifically as a Social Media Specialist/Coordinator...and I owe it all to you. Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this online course.

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