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Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Examine blogs on a variety of topics and explore different reasons for blogging.

Lesson 2

Participate in someone else's blog by posting a comment, and plan your own blog.

Lesson 3

Explore the pros and cons of different blogging software, create a blog account, and decide on a design for your blog.

Lesson 4

Customize your blog's background and header.

Lesson 5

Create privacy levels for blog posts, manage your commenting system, and add useful gadgets for your readers.

Lesson 6

Write and format an effective blog post.

Lesson 7

Add an image to your first blog entry, and explore ways to promote your blog.

Lesson 8

Find out how podcasting works, listen to a few podcasts, and plan your own.

Lesson 9

Create your podcasting studio, learn how to make your voice count, and then record your podcast.

Lesson 10

Edit your audio file, add enhancements, and publish your podcast.

Lesson 11

Discover how using video can enhance your podcast, explore video equipment options, prepare to record, and edit a sample video.

Lesson 12

Edit your video podcast, get the file Web-ready, upload it, and then embed it into your blog.






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