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Where Does All My Money Go?

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I feel this course gave a lot of examples, ideas and support for those of us who are interested in getting our finances in order. The instructor had a great sense of humor that came across as encouraging and understanding. I really appreciated that! Thank you for this opportunity. Now I have got to put it in action!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I'm positive that the lessons and assignments will enable me to make a major difference in my financial picture over a period of time. I would be interested in any other courses taught by this instructor. She did an outstanding job.

Thank you for helping me get our money in order. When we retire in 4 months this will really help to keep on track with our money. Thank you again.

Thank you for offering this course, I have really enjoyed figuring out where my money goes. The hardest part was keeping track of every purchase right down to my coffee. I am able to do it with ease now and that feels great. Designating a day once a week really is the way for me. The course has been wonderful and anyone who is brave enough to take it will benefit immediately and substantially in the long run. Cheers and thanks again!

I really enjoyed this course and learned quite a bit. I feel better about my finances and my ability to keep up with them. I have always lived paycheck to paycheck - or as said in the course, living on last months money. I now know how to allocate my funds and keep myself from spending what I really don't have. I'm excited about my financial future! Thank you!

Susan, I can't thank you enough for this wonderful course. The lessons were practical, organized, and very well-presented. The techniques and tips you offered will go a long way in assisting me to get a better handle on my financial situation. I have taken a number of online courses through ed2go. Your course was, by far, the very best of all. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you so very much!

It's very rare to find a course on money basics like this one. It's an excellent topic and appropriate for every one who needs to manage money. I appreciated hearing how the instructor grew up and learned to manage her money through family experience first. Susan possesses excellent knowledge on getting a grip on money management and an ability to explain lucidly the process of managing one's own money.

My husband and I just finished the assignments and you wouldn't believe how much this has already helped. We both understand now what each others wants and needs are...and how to handle them and compromise...Thank you so much for the great advice!

All I can say is, W-O-W. This class was great and you were an exceptional teacher. I wish I had had this course in high school. No, better yet, in junior high. This course has provided me with such a relief of stress. I now know what to do, how to do it, and when. Being able to direct my money is so much easier than chasing after it because I can't remember where I spent it. Once again, thank you.

The emergency fund and your clarification of that fund helped me get over the hurdleof making a budget. I am sure that is a wall for many people. I had started the automatic savings before I started the class because I wanted to know that we had some money if we needed it. What a feeling to know that we will be okay if something goes wrong, that my husband can't fix. Just last week my middle boy broke his hand - three trips to the hospital, two sets of x-rays , and an orange cast later everything is okay because I had that little bit socked away.

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