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Wireless Networking

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Enjoyed the course very much. I believe this will help me greatly when I set up my own home wireless network.

Great class! Although I have worked with wireless equipment, it was nice to have some of the "background" information to go along with what I've taught myself. I would definitely recommend this class and the instructor to others.

I enjoyed the class very much. It was very informative and will help me in my job. The lessons were well written and easy to understand. Thank you!!

I just completed 2 courses by this instructor. Excellent presentation of material, particularly the analogies used to explain the material.

I really appreciate the depth of knowledge, writing style, and use of graphics by this instructor. By far the best online teacher I've had and I'll be taking his other classes and have urged others to sign up for this one.

The instructor's writing style and use of examples were very clear. They presented a practical and familiar environment that crystalized the concepts and made them real and understandable. Past courses (from another provider) dealt in theory and were muddy and vague - they could have used this instructor's methodology and communication skills. Well Done!

This course has enabled me to get a wireless access hotspot created for the library. (It is up and running.) My boss says I am brilliant. I could not have done it without this course. You are great. Many thanks.

This was the third course I had taken with this instructor, all of them have been excellent and extremely interesting.

Using this course, I was able to connect my hand-held PC to my Wi-Fi home network! I had tried in the past and failed. Great hands on instruction.

Wonderful course!! I learned all I expected and much more!

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