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Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Learn about all the writing options open to nonfiction authors, and start shaping your book idea.

Lesson 2

Refine your book idea, and learn how to differentiate it from competing titles.

Lesson 3

Pinpoint your book’s audience, create a working title, and start thinking about the writing style you’ll use.

Lesson 4

Discover three powerful techniques for investigating your topic: traditional research, interviews, and immersion.

Lesson 5

Organize your content and chapters, and learn to give each chapter an enticing beginning, solid middle, and satisfying end.

Lesson 6

Write clearly and accurately, and integrate facts, descriptions, and interviews with ease.

Lesson 7

Create a writing schedule, and get tips for beating procrastination and writer’s block.

Lesson 8

Edit your own work, solicit feedback from reviewers, and get tips for hiring professional editors and proofreaders if you need them.

Lesson 9

Find agents or publishers likely to be interested in your book.

Lesson 10

Write solid query letters and proposals, and learn how to work with agents and editors once your book gets accepted.

Lesson 11

Explore nontraditional publishing in detail, from designing your cover to setting your book’s price.

Lesson 12

Get creative ideas on how to sell and promote your book.






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