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How to Make Money From Your Writing

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Find out what it takes to be a paid writer: Learn how to generate salable ideas and capture your voice.

Lesson 2

Understand what a writer's life is really like, and learn how to deal with rejection.

Lesson 3

Learn tips for self-editing and productive researching.

Lesson 4

Find out how to submit queries and land feature writing assignments for magazines and e-zines.

Lesson 5

Understand the market for writing columns, features, essays, poetry, fillers, and short stories for magazines, e-zines, and newspapers.

Lesson 6

Develop a working knowledge of writing novels, what the publishers are looking for, and how to submit writing.

Lesson 7

Have a working knowledge of writing nonfiction books, what publishers are looking for, and how to submit writing.

Lesson 8

Understand what it means to be a ghostwriter, how to find clients, and how to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with your clients.

Lesson 9

Understand the roles of editors, agents, and publishers, and learn how to find and work with these professionals.

Lesson 10

Find out about self-publishing and e-publishing options.

Lesson 11

Have knowledge of the business side of writing as it pertains to writing, advances, royalties, letters of commitment and intent, invoices, and releases.

Lesson 12

Be able to use time wisely, manage the time for writing, and learn how to market like a pro.






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