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Writing for Children

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Get acquainted with the changing world of children's literature by revisiting your literary past and exploring awards given for children's book creations

Lesson 2

Discover the world of children's picture books, where text and illustrations tell the whole story.

Lesson 3

Become familiar with books written specifically for emergent readers and those ready for first chapter books, and discover resources to help you with age-appropriate words and book lengths.

Lesson 4

Grow in your knowledge of middle-grade and young adult literature and the potential markets in each.

Lesson 5

Take a closer look at the new world of children's nonfiction writing, where creative presentation is one key to a publishing contract. Then explore innovative research methods to keep those facts straight—and editors exceptionally happy!

Lesson 6

Discover the vital difference between story and plot, and how to use dramatic elements to write your own children's book.

Lesson 7

Pick the right story pattern for your book, and use suspense and mystery to craft a dynamic first page that will hook your readers.

Lesson 8

Polish your manuscript with tips and techniques from editors and colleagues.

Lesson 9

Improve your odds of becoming published by better understanding the general marketplace, the submission process, and the specific needs of publishers.

Lesson 10

Learn the industry-accepted methods for approaching an editor and selling your work.

Lesson 11

Move from writing books to selling them by gaining a better understanding of contractual issues and how to promote your work.

Lesson 12

Learn how to continue to grow as a children's writer and how to develop skills that will open the publishing doors for you.






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