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Writing for ESL

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Discover the nature of writing, and learn how to become a better writer.

Lesson 2

Explore the process of writing, and examine what makes a well-written paragraph.

Lesson 3

Examine the components of essays, and evaluate the effectiveness of thesis statements and introductory paragraphs.

Lesson 4

Learn about three types of essays: descriptive, narrative, and explanatory.

Lesson 5

Analyze and learn the techniques of writing a compare and contrast essay.

Lesson 6

Analyze and learn the techniques of writing a cause and effect essay.

Lesson 7

Analyze and learn the techniques of writing an argumentation essay, discover the importance of critical thinking, and learn how to identify and avoid fallacies.

Lesson 8

Survey editing issues, and develop an eye for catching wording errors.

Lesson 9

Look at more editing issues, and sharpen your skills for catching verb-tense and form errors.

Lesson 10

Review the parts of speech; learn about noun clauses, adjective clauses, and adverb clauses; and see how to reduce clauses to phrases as a technique to trim wordiness.

Lesson 11

Learn about common writing problems, such as confusing subjects with objects, having misplaced or dangling modifiers, and confusing possessives and contractions.

Lesson 12

Explore English punctuation, and review and apply your newly acquired knowledge in the real world.






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