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Gain the Tools to Get a Better Job

Earn a diploma while preparing for your career. In addition to earning a credentialed certificate, we help you create a career portfolio.

Earn Your Briefcase for the Future

You'll get a High School Diploma, a Career Certificate, a Career Portfolio with Resume and cover letters, Job prep and completed certificate coursework.

Join a Highly Supportive Community

Academic, career, technical, and overall support... We've got you covered with Academic coach, Certified teachers, Career mentor, and Technical support.

Benefits of the Career Online High School Program

Accredited by SACS CASI - AdvancEd
ed2go Career Online High School is a division of Smart Horizons Career Online Education, a private school district that has been granted District Accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission. AdvancEd is the national commission that confers the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) accreditation seal. This means that the SHCOE district and all of its schools are accredited, and that Smart Horizons Career Online Education is recognized across the nation as a quality school system.

Multiple Career Options
We offer several Career Certificates as part of this program, including Child Care, Transportation, Security, Retail, Food Service, and Office Management.

ed2go Testimonials

"With this program, I can be in Alabama and get my school work done in a hotel or wherever I am without having to sit in a classroom two hours a night, and I can also spend more time with my family."

— S.B., Graduate, 2011

Occupational Outlook


In 2012, the median weekly earnings of people with a High school diploma was $652, versus $471 for those without a diploma. That's a 38% increase for a High school diploma!

And there are undeniable benefits to Certification training. According to Stephen Rose, a Georgetown University research professor, salaries jump about 20% for certificate holders when compared with workers with high-school diplomas only.

For some fields, certificates' training success can be amazing. For example, in the field of computer and information services, male certificate holders who work in the field earn more money on average than 72% of men with associate degrees and 54% of men with bachelor's degrees, with the breakdown being 75% and 64% for women.

Employment Outlook

Employment rates for people with a high school diploma are 8.3% as of 2012. For individuals without a diploma, the unemployment rate is significantly higher at 12.4%.