Effective Selling

Effective Selling

Discover how you can easily convert a potential customer into a long-term asset. This course will help you lay the groundwork for repeat business and your future success with knowledge, planning skills, communication techniques, and the understanding of human nature.

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The goal of Effective Selling is not to teach you how to make a sale today, but to help you discover how you can easily convert a potential customer into a long term asset. Effective Selling will help you lay the groundwork for repeat business and your future success.

In sales, there are no quick fixes. However, with the knowledge, planning skills, communication techniques, and the understanding of human nature that you will gain from this course, your sales will grow as if by magic.


This first lesson lays the groundwork for successful sales. You'll review some basic sales terminology and learn about how it relates to your profession. You'll also learn about appropriateness and how it can be a powerful tool for your success. This lesson will start the new salesperson off with the right tools to succeed.

This lesson will talk about itineraries, sales call reports, and the customer database. Nothing is more important in sales than tracking your progress, your customers, and your prospects. Preparation and record keeping will keep you one step ahead of the competition. You'll also learn how to schedule follow-up calls to avoid letting potential sales pass you by.

To be successful in sales, you must learn to sell three things: Yourself, your company, and your product. In this lesson, you'll learn the importance of these things and how to make them work in your favor. And no matter how good you are in sales, you will eventually experience a sales slump. You'll learn the simple steps to work through this slump and come through it in a stronger position.

If you can't communicate, you can¹t sell. That's why communication is the focus of this lesson. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your customers and prospects in order to minimize problems and maximize customer loyalty. Just as important is your communication with your own company. Stop problems before they start, and your sales will increase dramatically.

The previous lessons laid out a strong foundation for your sales efforts. In this lesson, you'll learn how to develop your sales presentation. A good sales presentation can mean the difference between making the sale and going home empty-handed. Learn how to guide the prospect to placing the order by using these proven techniques.

You'll encounter seven different types of personalities during your sales career, and you'll meet them all in this lesson. Who are they? How can you identify them? How can you relate to them? Most important, how can you sell to them? This lesson will talk about how to identify which personality type you're dealing with so you can develop a unique selling strategy for each of them.

Knowing how to create an effective presentation, and how to identify the different personality types is essential knowledge. In this lesson, you'll learn how to apply the knowledge you gained in the previous two lessons. You'll also learn how to modify your presentation to meet the expectations of each of the personality types-a recipe for success!

The ultimate goal of the salesperson is to make or close the sale. There are six basic ways to close a sale, and this lesson will discuss them all. More importantly, you'll learn how to put each method to use for the greatest effect.

When is an unhappy customer a great sales opportunity? All salespeople will have to deal with customer complaints at one time or another, but few know how to turn a complaint into a powerful sales tool. By properly handling these complaints as they arise, you can turn a customer complaint into customer delight.

Can you negotiate a contract that pleases your customer and increases your total sales and profit? Of course! In this lesson, you'll learn the techniques of successful negotiation. There really is a win/win solution, and you'll learn how to find it in this lesson.

It may seem that your competitors are always bigger, faster, cheaper, or smarter than you are. But the fact is, they aren't. This lesson will discuss ways you can find out what your competition is up to and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

The final lesson will delve into some big questions that salespeople must ask themselves. How do you deal with customers that won't return your calls? How important are ethics in the world of sales? How do you deal with the seemingly constant rejection? All those questions will be answered in this lesson.



There are no prerequisites to take this course.


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  • This course can be taken on either a PC, Mac, or Chromebook.

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  • PC: Windows 8 or later.
  • Mac: macOS 10.6 or later.
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are preferred. Microsoft Edge and Safari are also compatible.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.


  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

Instructional Material Requirements:

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.


Steve Payseur

Steve Payseur began his career in sales in 1979, and his sales have increased an average of 22% a year for more than 20 years. As a Sales Manager, he set up a training program for his sales force, and he has conducted training programs for several Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Payseur is the author of "Selling Effective Techniques for Getting and Keeping Customers," a book based on his years of experience and extensive research. A recognized authority in the field of sales, he has been interviewed on several occasions for national sales magazines. Mr. Payseur has written and published two top-selling books, has two more books in the development stage, and has won several literary competitions. His online courses and classroom seminars have been characterized as open, honest, lively, fun, and informative.


An excellent course, well taught. Lessons were easy to understand and pertinent to today's selling world.

Effective Selling helped me immediately at the retail level of business. I used the techniques and advice and found it to work, my sales increased per individual customer.

Excellent course! I've been in sales for a long time but took a break to raise my family so I wanted a refresher. It was especially useful since I made a drastic change in product fields and found the type of sales I'm in now was much harder for me. Thanks to this course my sales have already improved and my prospects are all much more receptive! Thank you!!!!!

I have been in outside sales for about 10 years. This course offers ideas, reminders or refreshers to all sales people regardless of how long they have been in sales. Thanks.

I have been in sales for a long time now and I have put a lot of what I learned in the class into play and it does work. Thank you.

I would like to say that as a non-salesperson, I learned an incredible amount of information here. I am working on starting my own business which always involves sales and have in the interim interviewed and received a tentative offer of employment by utilizing what I learned here and in the supplemental information lists. You have an easy reading style and engaging way of presenting the material. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this course. I believe it has given me a number of new skills and more confidence in my selling abilities. The supplemental resources were an added bonus to the lessons in each chapter.

This course was very helpful. I'm a small business owner and grasping the real facts of this course actually made me a better sales person. I hope that others will take advantage of this course. Thanks to all involved!

This was a very helpful course for my field. I was in the middle of closing some deals when I was working on the negotiating chapter, so I got to use some of the information first hand and it really helped me to be more effective.

Very good information, every sales person should take this course!

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