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The University of North Texas, a comprehensive, state-assisted, coeducational institution of higher education and is the flagship of a multi-institutional university system. UNT offers a wide variety of undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs. UNT Minicourses is the University's community, lifelong learning program and we are pleased to offer a variety of non-credit courses that are of interest and use to the communities of the north Texas region. Classes are informal and fun, taught by community members just like you. On-campus classes are formed twice a year, in conjunction with the university's spring and fall semester calendar. Our online courses are offered year round and feature instructor-facilitated classes with online interaction with other students and the instructors. In addition to over 60 on-campus personal enrichment courses , and over 100 online classes, we are pleased to offer our instructor-led, classroom graduate test preparation courses, our exclusive TraveLearn program, all-inclusive learning vacations travel package and new sections of our professional career courses as a Medical Billing Specialist . You can register by mail, phone, fax or online with the latest encrypted, secure server connections.