About Us

Learn new personal and professional skills online in Norfolk, VA!

SkillsOnline is a division of the Hampton Roads Educational Telecommunications Association which was established in 1961 to assist educational institutions in Southeastern Virginia to use technology as a tool for student engagement and instruction. Over the years, our commitment to furthering the development of our community has extended beyond our region to all of Virginia. We strongly believe that the future of the Commonwealth depends on an educated workforce armed with high-demand 21st century skills. Toward that end we have assembled our online course catalog with the purpose of bringing high quality skills development and certification to all Virginians at the most cost effective rate. We hope you will explore our catalog and if you have an interest in additional skills or courses you would like to see offered we encourage you to contact us at courses@skillsonline.org. Our Virtual Learning Center produces online courses on a wide range of topics and our on-staff instructional designers and production staff are constantly refreshing our material to meet the needs of students, industry and workforce agencies. The following organizations may offer additional resources to assist you in your career: - Opportunity Inc. - Peninsula Council for Workforce Development - Virginia Ship Repair Foundation - Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority - Tidewater Builder’s Association