Homeschool With Success

Homeschool With Success

Discover how to homeschool your children in a way that ensures they get what they need both academically and socially. This course offers a lot of information and guidance to plot your homeschooling course for years to come.

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Homeschooling can be a bit of a mystery if you're new to the topic. In this course, you'll start at the beginning, delving into the history of homeschooling and examining its status today in all 50 states. You'll see how to find the laws and regulations that govern your community and you might be surprised to learn that homeschooling is legal and growing all around you. As you discover what you need to know to homeschool your children, you'll also become familiar with the terminology the homeschool community uses.

You'll see how homeschooling gives you the opportunity to socialize your children as well as build long-lasting and productive relationships with peers and adults. You'll also find out how homeschooling gives you unique opportunities to teach valuable life skills. From manners to money management, you can be sure your children master subjects that don't make it into most textbooks. You'll also learn about full-time homeschooling for travelers and how it can fit into their adventurous lives. When you finish this course, you'll have lots of information and guidance to plot your homeschooling course for years to come!


Have you made the decision to homeschool, but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you're still keeping your options open and just want to know more about it? Homeschooling can be a bit of mystery if you're new to the topic, so this lesson will start off with the history of homeschooling and its status in all 50 states. You'll find that homeschooling is legal and growing all around you, and you'll see how to find the laws and regulations that govern homeschooling in your community. You'll also become familiar with some terminology used in the homeschool community and discover why people choose to homeschool.

Maybe you've noticed that your child does things a little differently than you do. In fact, maybe it seems like your child even learns differently than you! This lesson will discuss various learning styles and how they make a difference as you create your homeschool. You'll find out how to take your children out of school and make the transition to homeschooling both fun and effective. The lesson will also talk about children that need extra attention, both special needs and gifted, and a variety of types of homeschooling so you can choose the one that fits your family's lifestyle.

When it comes to curriculum, there are so many options! You'll discover ways to narrow down the choices and develop a curriculum with your specific needs in mind. Whether you choose to create your own curriculum, join an alternative school, or something in between, there's a good choice for each of your children. With the tools in this lesson, you'll make up a shopping list and discover where to go to find what you need.

People often ask homeschoolers when they'll send their kids back to school, implying that kids might "outgrow" homeschooling like a pair of sneakers. But with the fabulous opportunities for homeschooled high schoolers, most families are happy to homeschool right through to graduation! In this lesson, you'll see how to devise a graduation plan, prepare for college admission, and open the world to your homeschooled teenager.

With so many activities and learning experiences awaiting your children, it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed and lost in the process. So to get you on the right track, this lesson will talk about how to manage your day, organize your homeschool, and work with different ages all at once. Homeschoolers have the advantage of using the whole year to educate their children, so your schedule may differ from a traditional school schedule, both in how you manage each day as well as how you plan out the year. You'll see how timelines can be a great help!

This lesson will talk about the dreaded "S" word . . . socialization! Many people worry about homeschool children lacking social experiences and skills, but seasoned homeschoolers are far too busy socializing and expanding their children's awareness to be concerned! In this lesson, you'll see how homeschooling gives you the opportunity to socialize your children as well as build long-lasting and productive relationships with peers and adults. You'll also learn some ways to address the issue with concerned family and friends.

At some point, your children will certainly ask you who will be grading their papers—and the answer is you! In this lesson, you'll look at the option to grade or not—yes, you do have a choice! You'll also learn how to create fair tests and prepare your children for anxiety-free testing. The lesson will also discuss report cards, transcripts, and standardized testing for homeschoolers as well.

Although homeschooling centers on your family, there will be times when you'll find a little help a welcome addition. This lesson will discuss the vast resources available to homeschoolers and where to look to find tutors, mentors, and outside classes for your students. You'll learn about the difference between classes and co-ops, and the great opportunities a homeschool conference provides for you and your children. You'll learn about the Internet's wide array of resources, too!

In addition to resources for teaching your children, you'll be pleased to know that homeschool support groups provide friends, emotional support, and lots of fun activities with like-minded families. With over 2 million children homeschooling in the United States, it's not surprising that homeschool groups are thriving across the country. Whether it's an email loop or a group that meets in your neighborhood, you'll see how to explore the options, join an existing group, or start your own.

As you continue your study of homeschooling, you'll take some time to explore the many life skills you have the opportunity to teach your children. From manners to money management, you can be sure your family is well educated in subjects that don't make it into most textbooks. In this lesson, you'll find lists of life skills that are age appropriate and practical ways to actually teach these important concepts to your children. Homeschool students excel in more areas than academics!

Homeschoolers don't always stay home, but when they're on the road, the learning continues. This lesson will discuss ways to take your lessons with you, learn from the journey itself, and expand the awareness of your whole family. You'll see how to keep your children busy and interested while you're traveling and how to explore new places with an open mind and curious spirit. You'll also learn about full-time travelers who homeschool and their adventurous lives!

The last lesson brings you more information on an important concept, which is making ends meet when one parent is at home educating the children. Homeschoolers are famous for their creativity, not only in the classroom, but also at home. Cutting costs, finding alternative ways to work, and building a family business all go hand in hand to make homeschooling a successful lifestyle. As the class comes to a close, you'll have lots of information to plot your course for the years to come!



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The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.


Beverly Richards Schulz

Beverly Richards Schulz is an award-winning photographer and graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. With more than 35 years of teaching experience, she has written over 30 digital photography and digital editing courses. She co-authored the book "Photoshop Elements 14 — What's New?" She also teaches our "Homeschool with Success" course, has homeschooled her son through high school graduation, and has held positions in a local homeschool group leadership team for several years.


Wonderful class. I learned a lot of very useful information in the course, discussion area, and extra links at the end of lessons. With 5 kids, I wish I had more time to click on every link and delve into the material more! Very helpful course and instructor!

I must say this is one of the best Ed 2 Go classes I've taken (this is my 5th). I am a public educator with my Masters Degree in Education. I'm taking courses from home right now to complete my recertification. The instructor was thorough, had up-to-date material and resources, and asked fair questions on the final exam. Thank you for providing such valuable material

I would like to say that taking your course has given me a much broader, and much deeper, perspective on the subject of home schooling. I have learned a great deal in the past several weeks, but the thing I have come to understand the most is my conviction that home schooling is the logical, reasonable, and responsible path I must take concerning my son's education. You should know that what has been done here in these weeks, will most likely have a profoundly positive impact on generations of my family to come, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

This is an excellent course and has given me the confidence to begin the process of homeschooling and knowing where to begin.

This class has opened up my eyes to a whole different world...right here where I am...I now see things from a different...point of view...I have even learned how to be extra caring and attentive to kids and......learning does not have to be sitting at a desk reading a book for two hours.

I am homeschooling for the first time this year. With so much information out there it's hard to decipher what is correct; my hope was that this course would help me with that. I was not disappointed! I will be using the information learned here for a long time. Thank you so much.

After taking this course, I feel much more comfortable starting to homeschool my son in the Fall. I also found the internet links to various sites very helpful!

Ms. Schulz is an exceptional instructor; her writing and communication style are very clear and facilitate understanding the material. Moreover, Ms. Schulz makes an effort to go beyond merely communicating the requirements and basic system details of homeschooling by occasionally alluding to observations and insights that only an experienced and perceptive homeschooling parent can bring to her teaching. I am very fortunate to have had her as an instructor.

When I decided to take this course, I did not have high expectations of what I would get out of it. I was very pleasantly surprised by both the instructor as well as the assistant instructor's competency, style and ability to get concepts across. Great course! Thank you!

This course was packed full of useful information and the discussion area was a valuable resource as well.

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Instructor-Moderated Course Code: hss