Atlantic Cape Community College

Online Training (Professional Development)

Are you a busy professional or an individual wanting to upgrade your current skills and knowledge but have limited time and access to offsite classrooms in a traditional environment? Now you can gain new knowledge, learn new skills, and develop new talents in the comfort of your own home or office. Our new online classes are offered in partnership with Education to Go. Classes begin every six weeks for short-term courses or start at any time for Career Training Programs.

What are the course requirements? All you need to get started is Internet access, an e-mail address, and a Web browser. Each course runs for six weeks and consists of 12 lessons. Interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials and online discussion areas are available to supplement each lesson. An online comprehensive final examination must be completed within 10 days from the end of the course in order to obtain a certificate of completion. Individual courses may have certain requirements and prerequisites. Be certain to review each course before registering.

How to Get Started:

  1. Visit our Online Instruction Center
  2. Review the course descriptions and select the course of interest.
  3. Click the orientation link and follow the instructions to enroll and pay for your course. During orientation, you will learn important information about your course. You will also be provided an opportunity to choose the name and password you will use to access your course.
  4. After completing the orientation, you will receive further instructions via e-mail regarding payment. When your course starts, return to our Online Instruction Center and click the Classroom link.
  5. To begin your studies, simply log in with the name and password you selected during orientation.

Consider our Career Training Programs that prepare you for industry certification or the skills needed to enhance or start a new career. Our program design allows you to start anytime and many programs are completed in less than six months. Programs include all learning materials and personal assistance from your instructor. Visit our Career Training Program site: