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Welcome to ASTI's Center for Online Learning

Welcome to Advanced Solutions Technical Institute!


From short courses to full degrees ? experience online study that works around you.

Match your career move with a choice of more than 200 online courses. Wherever you want to take your career – in Business, education, security, fiber optics, health, IT, law, science or any other industry – Advanced Solutions Technical Institute has got the right course for you.

Why choose Advanced Solutions Technical Institute?

  • You decide when and where you want to finish your coursework.
  • The cost of tuition covers all content, including study guides and learning objectives.
  • We offer vocational programs in business, technology, healthcare, and trades, which are the fastest-growing sectors.
  • You can study in print or online. You can receive books, study guides, and learning aids directly. You determine which learning method is best for you.


Where we strongly believe that the future is yours to shape, today. Indeed, if tomorrow is inevitable, that makes the present the BEST TIME TO CHANGE YOUR FUTURE!


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