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Welcome to Advanced Solutions Technical Institute

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and the amount of information to be transferred via networks is staggering. People, corporations, and governments are actively seeking telecommunications professionals to design, manage and secure networks and telecommunications systems. These professionals will need in-depth knowledge of more than just the technology – they will need to understand the people and institutions who will utilize and benefit from that technology.

Here at Advanced Solutions Technical Institute, your graduate studies will allow you to gain the critical skills and knowledge to be a leader in the global telecommunications field. Our curricula incorporates courses in network design and management, systems and wireless systems, network security, management and policy, and human communication and information processing. Our laboratory facilities and federally-funded research programs enable you to acquire practical experience -- experience that will make you very competitive in today’s job market.

We hope that you will join us here at ASTI, where our multidisciplinary faculty and rigorous courses of study will prepare you for a challenging career in telecommunications and networking.

Telecommunications is expanding so fast, everyday there is a new, better and more cost effective means of communication. Telecommunication has touched all areas be it music, interactive TV, radio, WAP enabled phones, messaging systems, the internet and computers. To be a telecom engineer you must have good analytical skills and of course a liking for the subject as well.