About Us

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Boston Ayurveda School is part of Down Under School of Yoga, New England’s premier yoga school, home to some of America’s finest yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, bodyworkers, and a vibrant student body. Internationally renowned Ayurvedic Doctors, beloved Ayurvedic Health Consultants, and senior yoga teachers work under one roof to offer in-depth trainings, personalized consultations, seasonal cleanses, and workshops to our community. Boston Ayurveda School faculty join together to bring our 614-hour Ayurvedic Health Counselor training each year. Ayurvedic Doctors are trained in Ayurvedic medicine and western allopathic medicine to provide an integrative medical approach to their patients. Ayurvedic Health Counselors are trained to focus on preventive healthcare as well as health promotion, with a specific focus on diet and lifestyle.