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We offer you hundreds of engaging online courses for adults, covering every topic from Anatomy to Web Design.

Each ed2go course comes equipped with a patient and caring instructor, lively discussions with your fellow students, and plenty of practical information that you can put to immediate use. All courses run for six weeks. Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplementary links, and more. You can complete any of these courses entirely from your home or office and at any time of the day or night.

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Step 1:  Register with Ed2Go
Go to www.ed2go.com/cfcc,
 find desired course by browsing the catalog or searching by course title.  Click on Enroll Now and follow the prompts.  Create a username and password.  Please write this down for later use.

Step 2: Register with CFCC and pay tuition.  Student have 3 options.

Option 1 - Online Registration and Payment

Go to reg.cfcc.edu to get the payment process started.
One week prior to the start date, all students who have registered with Ed2Go will receive an email with instructions on how to register with CFCC webadvisor  system, and pay online through CFCC's https://cfcc.edu/WebAdvisor,  Students registering after the email has been sent out will need to contact Gerri Hunter (910-362-7572) or gerrihunter@cfcc.edu) to get additional instructions and payment options.  Online registration and payment is only permitted if you are already enrolled into a course.  After the class has started no new courses can be added.  

Option 2 - Mail-In Registration and Payment

Download a CFCC  registration form   and mail it with payment to: Attn:  Ed2Go, CFCC, Continuing Education,  Union Station , 411 N. Front St., Wilmington, NC 28401, Make checks payable to CFCC. Please print off registration on white paper any other color will not be acceptable.

Option 3 - Walk-In Registration and Payment
Come to CFCC   Continuing Education, and fill out a registration form and make payment at 502 N. Front  St., U - Bldg. Office Location U-561, Wilmington, NC.

CFCC registration form and payment must be submitted together in order to complete the registration process. Checks received without registration form will be returned to the student. Please register at least one week before the class starts. All courses start the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

*All students must log into the course on the start date and take Quiz 1 within the first week! You need to complete all of the 12 quizzes, and pass at least 9 of them and the final exam with a grade of 76 or higher to receive a "S" Satisfactory for the course and to earn the Certificate of Completion.

In addition if you should ever need a transcript from Cape Fear Continuing Education, "Remember you have to pass 9 out of 12 quizzes and the final with a score of 76 or higher". Because whatever grade you receive will show up on there. For more information please contact Gerri Hunter.*

Mail all correspondence to:
CFCC Continuing Education Union Station
411 N. Front St. 
Wilmington, NC 28401
Attn: Ed2Go Administrator Gerri Hunter

E-mail: gerrihunter@cfcc.edu or call: 910-362-7572






























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  2. Select a session start date on the Select Date page. You will then move on to the Sign In page.
  3. Use either Returning Students or New Student to access or create your account.
  4. Enter your Pre Authorized PassCode as a payment option.

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