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2 Forsyth Tech ed2go Program Choices: 

Questions: Carolyne Bennett - 336-593-5402 – Ex: 1701 and e-mail:

First Step: You must Complete & Submit this form online:

 ed2go Course Request Form

Make your course request by the first day of whatever month you want to start your ed2go class

NOTES: please read

1. An ed2go course request is not a payment. It is to ask to have an ed2go course set-up for you to then register and pay for

2. After you submit your ed2go course request will receive the course number through e-mail

3. After you receive the course number, you will call Customer Service to Register and Pay for the ed2go course at 336-734-7023 then press 2

Register & Pay before 12:00PM on March 15 - see other dates below

NOTE: Forsyth Tech will be closed April 11 for a Planning Day, please, do you April 12-June 2 course requests early so that you are sure to get the class you want set-up to start April 12

            1. FT ed2go 24 hour/6-week Instructor Led Courses

 New Microsoft Office 2016, QuickBooks 2016 and other NEW offerings - Software required

                                    2017 ed2go Session Dates






























Note: Registration/payment must be done before 12:00PM on the start date of the course. No late registration/payment can be accepted after noon on the start date.  If the school is closed on the day before the course start date the registration deadline will be the day before the closure.

Steps for ed2go 24 hour/6 week courses:

Step 1 -Fill out this form and submit it online: ed2go Course Request Form then you will receive an e-mail from Carolyne Bennett - with your course number in it (her phone number is: 336-593-5402 - ex: 1701). (Please do your course request by the first day of the month you want to start your class – see dates below.) After you get your course/section number, follow these steps:

Step 2. Register & Pay: before 12:00PM on the start date of your ed2go class (see dates for these classes above): Call West Campus - Customer Service at 336-734-7023 and "press 2" for telephone registration using a MasterCard or Visa to pay. Prices vary. These are Economic & Workforce Development (non-degree courses). 

Step 3. Course Enrollment Mandatory for each ed2go class: Find you course, and then Add to cart, then Continue to Checkout (you are not paying here, you call Customer Service to register & pay, then if you are anew ed2go student- use New Student- fill out the form and Continue, then Checkout, either Enter My Classroom or Sign out or if you are a returning student-use Returning Student and enter your username and e-mail- then Checkout, then either Enter My Classroom or Sign out. (Payment is made by calling or visiting WC Customer Service – only  – see step 1)

*Forgot your password? To reset your password:

Step 4. Sign In to My Classroom - on the course’s start date for your 12 lessons/12 lesson quizzes to submit online – made available on Wednesday and Friday each week and are accessible for 10 days from the release date and there is a final quiz to be submitted online too. It is imperative that you take the first quiz and submit it online on the course start date.

Step 5. Certificate of Completion

Non-Teacher - Students: must study their 12 lessons, submit their 12 lesson quizzes online for grading and submit their final quiz online (making 70% or better on the final) by the course end date to print their own certificates of completion under Completion in the My Classroom room area (for those who are not teachers or PSI students)

*Teacher Renewal Credit: each ed2go course completed successfully offers 2.4 CEU credits toward your teacher renewal credits. Teachers must score 80% or better on their final exam after submitting their 12 lesson quizzes online to request their certificate of completion by e-mailing   

PSI students: must score 70% or better on their final exam after submitting their 12 lesson quizzes online, to request their certificate of completion by e-mailing 

              2.  FT ed2go Career Training Program Courses (CTP)

Contact: Carolyne Bennett – 336-593-5402 – Ex 1701 and e-mail:

Website URL:

Ed2go offers Financial Assistance for Career Training Programs:

Career Training Program - Registration & Payment - Refund - Start Dates

2017 Registration and Payment and Refund Deadlines

Registration Deadline (12:00PM) REFUND Deadline (12:00PM)

Course Start Date

Registration by 12:00PM                          REFUND-by12:00PM

at 12:00PM

February 22                                         February 28

March 1

March 27 March 31

April 3

April 24 April 28

May 1

May 19 May 31

June 1

June 26 June 30

July 5

July 25 July 31

August 1

August 18 August 31

September 6

September 25 September 29

October 2

October 25 October 31

November 1

November 27 (FT closed Nov 23-24 for Thanksgiving) Nov 30

December 1



2018 Date Schedule                               

 Register by 12PM on:                                                       Refund by 12PM

December 15 (FT closed Dec 22-Jan 1 for Christmas)                   Dec 19 

 Classes Start at 12PM

January 2, 2018



***EWD Refund Policy Applies - Refund request must be submitted at least 24 hours – before the course start date***   **Program Dates are subject to change without notice**

 EWD - Refund Policy - make request at least 24 hours - before - the course start date

  • A full refund is given if Forsyth Tech cancels a course.
  • If the course has a v symbol, you may get a full registration fee refund by officially withdrawing from the class before the first class meeting. After the class has started, a 75% refund can be obtained by officially withdrawing before the class has met 10% of its scheduled time.
  • If the course has a * symbol, you may get a full registration fee refund by officially withdrawing from the class one working day (24 hours) before the first class meeting.
    • Please Note: To request a registration fee refund in accordance with the above policy, you must officially withdraw from a class by completing and submitting a Request for Refund form the Economic & Workforce Development Customer Service Center on West Campus. Forms are available at the Customer Service Center or you may fill out and submit the online Request for Refund form. Refunds are generally mailed within four to six weeks of receipt of the Request for Refund form and/or notification of class cancellation.
    • No other refunds will be given. This includes malpractice insurance fees.

 Refund Request Link:



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  2. Select a session start date on the Select Date page. You will then move on to the Sign In page.
  3. Use either Returning Students or New Student to access or create your account.
  4. Enter your Pre Authorized PassCode as a payment option.

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