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Follow these steps to REGISTER in online PGCC/Ed2Go classes . . .
Watch this YouTube video to show you how! (Click the link.)

Step 1. SELECT A COURSE at this ed2go.com/pgcc SITE (You are currently on this site):
    Browse the catalog by department or search for courses by keyword.
    Click the "Add to Cart" button.
Please note the 5-digit COURSE SECTION NUMBER* listed at the end of the Session Date.
         For example, "August 15, 2018 - 01234"
This is the number which you will use to register and pay at PGCC.  (See Step 2 below.)

    Complete the Enrollment Process, and review and print the Orientation Instructions.
       (Note:  Do not pay at the ed2go site; payment must be made directly to PGCC.)
       You must complete this "Orientation" process for EACH course you request.

     You can register online at PGCC's Owl Link (Click the link.)
 OR in person in Room 126 of Bladen Hall at 301 Largo Road, Largo, MD.

*If your course is NOT listed by name on Owl Link . . .
register and pay for the generic course with the appropriate Course Code Number, as follows: 
      34195 for Summer 2018 ed2go courses (courses beginning May - August)
      41413 for Fall 2018 ed2go courses (courses beginning September - December)

We will verify your online classroom access as soon as your payment is reflected in the PGCC system.

LATE registration is not allowed for classes at PGCC.


SEE how to register for PGCC continuing education online ed2go courses.  Click this link to watch the YouTube video.

For an Orientation that provides information and answers questions about registering and paying for an ed2go class and about what to expect when taking an ed2go class, visit this Web page:  http://www.pgcconline.com/nonCreditOnline/nonCreditOrientation.html

For detailed information about PGCC's ed2go online courses and the enrollment process, go to: http://www.pgcconline.com/nonCreditOnline/ed2Go.html

Thank you - PGCC sincerely hopes you enjoy your class!

This PassCode is not currently assigned to a course. Please choose a course then apply the PassCode at checkout.
  1. Locate the desired course and click Enroll Now.
  2. Select a session start date on the Select Date page. You will then move on to the Sign In page.
  3. Use either Returning Students or New Student to access or create your account.
  4. Enter your Pre Authorized PassCode as a payment option.

The Course this PassCode applies to is already in your cart with a PassCode applied.

This PassCode has expired.

This PassCode is invalid or has already been used.

This PassCode is already being applied to an item in your cart.

If you have a PassCode from your employer or your learning institution, enter it here. A PassCode
is associated to a course and when applied the course is automatically added to your cart.

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