7 Podcasts Every Cybersecurity Professional Should Listen to Right Now
Posted November 9th, 2018 by ed2go

7 Podcasts Every Cybersecurity Professional Should Listen to Right Now

If your 2018 goals include jumpstarting your career, learning new skills, and making better use of your time, you're in good company. The field of cybersecurity moves so quickly that industry veterans and aspiring cybersecurity professionals alike are often looking to maximize their commutes or take control of their careers while on their lunch breaks. One of the easiest ways to do this is listening to current and relevant podcast content, so we've gathered the best security podcasts running this year.

There is a wealth of knowledgeable podcasters out there, and our top picks were selected based on the depth and breadth of topics and perspectives they include, how timely the information is reported, how accessible these podcasts are to listeners, and how engaging the hosts and formats are. You'll not just learn something new; you'll enjoy the experience.

1. Risky Business

Why it's a must-listen: Risky Business is one of the top industry news wrap podcasts, and for good reason. This internationally relevant program publishes weekly, and includes a diverse group of expert guest contributors, like Kelly Shortridge, who joined host Patrick Gray to discuss "zombie companies" for the January 31 episode. Each episode is presented with a detailed written summary, so you can pick out what's especially interesting to you from the archives.

Who it's for: Anyone who's interested in the field of cyber and information security, both in the U.S. and internationally. Host Gray is personable, funny, and great at asking both high-level and practical questions of his guests.

Approximate episode length: 55 minutes

When and where to listen: Looking for the best weekly podcast in the biz? You can stream and download new installments of Risky Business for free each Wednesday.

2. Silver Bullet

Why it's a must-listen: Host Gary McGraw talks with a security guru each month, covering both the development of their career and a current event or hot topic in the world of cybersecurity. Each episode is accompanied with a full written transcript for people who may be hard of hearing or looking for a readable option. Starting in October 2016, McGraw featured all women in the field for twelve episodes, celebrating a Year of Women. Silver Bullet is a production of Synopsis.

Who it's for: Cybersecurity professionals as well as anyone interested in learning how industry experts have advanced their careers.

Approximate episode length: 30 minutes

When and where to listen: You can stream and download the monthly episodes on Silver Bullet's page. Episodes usually go live toward the end of each month.

3. Defensive Security

Why it's a must-listen: Listen to this rock ‘n' roll podcast in the morning when you need an update on the field, and a head-banging wakeup call. Defensive Security is an indie production by hosts Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat whose goal is to shed some light on the latest security news and discuss real-life problems today's cyber practitioners face. The vibe is laidback and conversational, with Bell and Kalat teasing out and tackling issues thoughtfully and realistically.

Who it's for: Cyber and information security practitioners and entrepreneurs who want to know more about securing their companies.

Approximate episode length: 45 minutes

When and where to listen: You can stream and download new episodes of Defensive Security Podcast two to three times each month.

4. Women in Cyber Podcast

Why it's a must-listen: Palo Alto Networks launched this new podcast in November 2017 to feature women who are making groundbreaking contributions to the industry. So far, they've produced two episodes, and we like what we hear. Hosts Andrea Van Unen–Smith and Carolina Peters interview cybersecurity experts about their career paths, their professional projects, and the ways they've overcome gender biases and found support in this dynamic profession. The tone is conversational and engaging, with practical topics and advice.

Who it's for: Anyone who wants to be more aware of gender in technology, especially women who are interested in a cybersecurity career.

Approximate episode length: 20 minutes

When and where to listen: Stream Women in Cyber Podcast free from the resources page from Palo Alto Networks. You will need to download livefyre to listen in.

5. Southern Fried Security

Why it's a must-listen: With a group of five hosts—Martin Fisher, Yvette Johnson, Steve Ragan, Joseph Sokoly, and Andy Willingham—Southern Fried Security is a delightful roundtable with lots of insights from the team's expertise and past experiences. Each episode is accompanied by a detailed outline, so you know which topics are covered and approximately when to tune into the conversation if you're short on time.

Who it's for: Cybersecurity practitioners and strategists of all levels. Practitioners especially will find applicable action items in addition to the thoughtful discussions about industry ethics and current events.

Approximate episode length: 35 minutes

When and where to listen: Stream a new full-length installment of Southern Fried Security each month, or sample from the archive of microcast episodes.

6. CyberWire

Why it's a must-listen: CyberWire is a suite of podcasts, all hosted by David Bittner, and there's really something for everyone. The Daily Podcast is a quick-paced, but never rushed, news wrap-up for folks who want the latest updates in cybersecurity. Research Saturday podcasts feature interviews and updates with the research experts who work behind the scenes to study and respond to ongoing or potential security threats. The third podcast, CyberWire Special Edition, takes a closer look at topics and events, like yearly forecasts, cybersecurity career how-to, and more.

Who it's for: Anyone interested in a career in cybersecurity, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and journalists, as well as people who just want to know what the industry is all about, one easily digestible episode at a time.

Approximate episode length: The Daily Podcast runs about 25–30 minutes, Research Saturday episodes are about 20 minutes, and CyberWire Special Editions are approximately 35 minutes.

When and where to listen: You can stream new installments of the CyberWire podcasts for free Monday through Saturday.

7. Security Current

Why it's a must-listen: The Security Current podcast offers a unique look into the world of chief information security officers (aka CISOs). Each episode is hosted by an executive member of the cybersecurity world, most often David Cass, and features interviews and updates from a CISO's perspective. These conversations are for cybersecurity experts and prospective professionals of all experience levels, though, as they discuss the biggest issues that security firms and other organizations deal with every day. We love that each episode is relatively short, but packed with insights—perfect for busy CISOs on the go.

Who it's for: CISOs will have a special interest in this podcast. It's geared specifically toward their needs and interests, which makes it stand out among the majority of practitioner-focused content available in this field.

Approximate episode length: 10–15 minutes

When and where to listen: Stream the Security Current podcast for free from the organization's website each quarter.

Still wondering, "What podcast should I listen to?" The podcast you should listen to depends on your interests and career goals. We've laid out each podcast's specialty, run-time, and target listener. Each one offers something different, and there's no rule that you have to choose just one. You'll gain more insights in this fast-paced industry by listening to the experts. So, grab your earbuds and turn up these must-listen-to podcasts right now!

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