Staying Up to Date on Cybersecurity Trends in Atlanta
Posted November 7th, 2018 by University of Georgia

Staying Up to Date on Cybersecurity Trends in Atlanta

Over the past few years, cybersecurity developments in the Atlanta area have become national cybersecurity trends. Georgia's capital and the surrounding cities are home to a diverse group of industries that require advanced cybersecurity plans and systems. As a response to recent cyberattacks on organizations in the region, Atlanta's cybersecurity professionals are raising the bar.

Want to know how to stay current on cybersecurity trends and threats?

There are many cybersecurity publications, including expert blogs like Dark Reading, that make it easy to stay tuned to breaking news and industry updates. If listening is more your style, plug into great cybersecurity podcasts such as CyberWire, for your cyber trend reports. If you live or work in the Atlanta area, subscribing to local business association blogs and podcasts will give you insights on developments in industries that affect your cybersecurity.

  • Atlanta Business Impact Radio is a fantastic resource on the region's dynamic tech industry. It's co-hosted by Veanne Smith, Senior Vice President and co-founder of SOLTECH, one of Atlanta's leading software and talent developers. This podcast has featured cybersecurity guests, coding educators, and more.
  • The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently started covering Atlanta cybersecurity news in 2018 in addition to its vast technology reporting. Stay tuned as the industry grows.

Here are some of the top cybersecurity trends in Atlanta you need to keep up with:

1. Cybersecurity Job Opportunities in New Places

When Georgia's diverse industries grow, cybersecurity careers grow with them. That's because many organizations — even outside the tech field — conduct the majority of business online.

From customer service chats and e-commerce transitions to data storage and company apps, there's a growing need for strong security plans. According to Robert Half Technology's report on 2018 Q3 and Q4 hiring trends in Atlanta's tech industry, 66 percent of tech hiring managers are looking to expand their departments with new talent. These team leads say security is their number one business concern, and cloud security and cybersecurity are among the top six most desirable skillsets.

2. Cybersecurity Events Year-round

The Cyber Security Atlanta conference debuted in 2017 as a gathering of the region's top innovators to talk about emerging cybersecurity trends. It returned this October to officially become an annual tradition.

Other yearly cybersecurity conferences brought creative energy and expertise to Atlanta, including Cyber Security Summit 2018, which took place in February, as well as Cybercon and CyberHub Summit, which headlined Atlanta Cyber Week at the beginning of October. Last year, Cyber Week brought over 1,000 industry experts and professionals to the city. ATL is at the forefront of some of the leading cybersecurity trends of 2018, and the industry is taking notice.

3. A Growing Security Startup Scene

As demand continues to outpace the availability of qualified cybersecurity experts and tools, Atlanta's cybersecurity startups are establishing themselves as industry thought leaders. They're ready to solve problems and offer strategies for a more secure future in and beyond Georgia. Here are two of the Atlanta-headquartered security startups that offer unique tools and career opportunities:

Led by Atlanta locals, Pindrop is one of the leading voice fraud technology companies, preventing call center fraud with their proprietary Phoneprinting and Toneprinting technologies and vocal biometrics identification techniques. The executive team at Pindrop is driven by cutting-edge research, and this startup could be a great fit for security professionals with a scientific background who are seeking a crossover career.

Founded in Atlanta in 2015, Curricula isn't your typical cybersecurity consultancy. This team of security experts and creatives are on a mission to raise cybersecurity awareness and improve training proficiency with media that people enjoy consuming. How do they do that? By creating engaging and interactive animated videos that are geared toward entrepreneurs and managers who are not very security savvy. If you're a teacher or creative thinker with cybersecurity training, check out Curricula.

4. Ongoing Learnings from Recent Cyberattacks

A cyberattack hit UPS in 2014 and potentially compromised the payment information of customers in 25 states. Taking precautions leading up to the renowned hackers' conference DEF CON 2017, Atlanta's shipping giant UPS temporarily refused to open any requests via USB or online links at locations near the conference. DEF CON is held annually in Las Vegas on the opposite side of the country from UPS's headquarters, but cyberattacks can compromise extensive networks regardless of physical location, and UPS may have prevented another major breach three years after the initial incident.

This April, Delta Airlines learned that [24], the customer services vendor that provided their chat feature, was the target of a cyberattack. This data breach compromised the credit card information and billing addresses for hundreds of thousands of people over 17 days. Because the attack was leveled at a vendor and not at Delta itself, their response was largely client-facing and involved a lot of damage containment. They have set up new customer service lines to receive consumer calls, worked closely with forensics and legal specialists, and launched a microsite with information for anyone who may have been affected by the cyberattack.

5. Collaboration Between Local Government and Cybersecurity Experts

More recently, the City of Atlanta was the target of a ransomware cyberattack in March 2018. The ransom was requested in the form of cryptocurrency and equaled approximately $50,000. To recover, Atlanta has paid over $2.6 million, including consultations and planning with ransomware experts Secureworks. The city is still finding learning opportunities from this attack, and taking vulnerabilities more seriously than ever before.

Do you want to be at the forefront of top cybersecurity trends and career opportunities? Check out the resources mentioned above, and learn more about the top cybersecurity industries in Atlanta.

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