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SMC Community Education offers a wide variety of courses online*. These classes are especially convenient for those with work, school, or childcare commitments, physical disabilities, limited access to transportation, or other circumstances that make it difficult to participate in a traditional classroom setting. Our online courses are designed to increase your success in your personal life and in your business & professional activities.

We offer bundled courses at a substantial discount - look for courses with Series or Suite in the title.

READY TO START!  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Browse our catalog and add a course to your cart
  2. Go to checkout; you will be asked to login (continuing students) or create a NEW account (new students)
  3. After having created an account and logging in, continue to checkout and pay

If you have problems registering or need assistance, contact Ed2Go support via the contact form on the Help page, or call student support at 866-441-5454 (option 1, option3), or contact

Ed2Go classes are not-for-credit and will not be eligible for transfer. As with all Community  Education classes and programs, ed2go classes are for personal enrichment and professional development only. For verification:  you can print out your hours and exam grades, as well as, a certificate of completion. If you need a Verification Letter on SMC letterhead for your employer or other entity, you can request one by paying a $15 fee by contacting us for instructions at

Important Note: Students interested in taking ANY classes that they intend to use for certification or to satisfy prerequisites, or even intending on professional development for reimbursement, MUST check with their respective agencies that require the class AHEAD of registration. Other than certificates of completions and the ability to print out your daily course hours/attendance, transcripts are not provided.


Career Training Programs. If you're looking for a new career or develop the one you are in, we have hundreds of career programs to choose from. Browse our career training catalog for 3-6 month programs, many of which provide certificates of completion or prepare you for certification exams. Visit

For ground classes and to find out more about Community Ed and SMC Extension programs, visit the premier adult learning institution covering the greater Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Southern California.

If you require a certificate of completion mailed or sent to an institution via email or portal, please let us know.  Contact -- be sure to include details of what you need and what class you have taken. There is a $50 handling and processing fee for this service. Thank you.



Featured Series:

Microsoft Excel 2016 Series - 3 courses for 1 price
Microsoft Excel 2016 Series


*Online courses offered through Ed2Go use an attractive, image-laden Web interface. Courses run for 6 weeks (with a 2-week grace period at the end), and can be completed entirely from your home or office at any hour. Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplementary links, and more.
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