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Professional Development and Personal Enrichment (online)





Course Start Date

Fixed monthly start dates

Start anytime

Duration of Access

6 weeks

3 months

Instructor Led



Discussion Area

Peer to Peer and Peer to Instructor discussions

Peer to Peer discussions

Content Access/Gating

2 lessons released weekly

All lessons available upon enrollment


Built in automatic 10-day extension

No extensions

Payment Options

Online Pay, Offline Pay, Passcodes, OAC Enrollment

Online Pay, Offline Pay, OAC Enrollment

Value Suites (aka pre-bundled package listed as a Suite or a Series)

Suite and Series bundles allow you to take multiple courses at a discounted price while gaining an in-depth understanding of the subject area.  When enrolling in a Value Suite, your shopping cart will show the bundle title and below will show each course within the bundle with its own start date listed in a drop-down menu.  This option allows you to space the courses out or you can choose to take two or more courses at the same time all depending on your needs.

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