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Three Rivers Community College located in Norwich, Connecticut, was named in recognition of the region's three primary rivers; the Shetucket, the Yantic, and the Thames. The college meets diverse educational needs, makes education affordable and develops partnerships to serve the economic and cultural needs of the region. At our College, learners come first. Over three thousand five hundred full- and part-time students in credit programs and nearly two thousand students in non-credit continuing education programs enroll each year at Three Rivers. Visit our college website at www.threerivers.edu to learn more about Three Rivers Community College. These are non-credit courses. Once you have enrolled, to complete your registration, a registration form will be emailed to you. Please fill out and send back to us. Please do not scan and send the form back as it contain personal information our network will not pick up. If we have not received your form, you will not be able to receive your certificate of completion.