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Adult education at Valley Vocational-Technical Center has a long and rich history. The first enrollees of the forerunner of VVTC were post-high school students. That rich history continues today with a modern, market-sensitive adult training program. Adult education at VVTC encourages numerous kinds of training. Included under the adult training umbrella are; day and evening training in agriculture, business, health occupations and trade and industrial areas. The Center is the regional related instruction center for the Virginia Apprenticeship Training program. The Center has numerous training relationships with area businesses and industries. In keeping with the overall mission of Valley Vocational-Technical Center, the adult program strives to offer up-to-date training in keeping with community demands. The success of the program is evident by the average annual adult enrollment the center experiences. Many employees in local businesses, industries, and agencies received their job training at Valley Vocational-Technical Center. Local businesses and industries continue to be highly involved in the on-going development of the adult program. The ever-increasing level of technology demanded by today's work-place spells a bright future for adult training at VVTC. In addition, any business interested in customized training or to be placed on VVTC's mailing list, call the numbers provided above.


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If you require any assistance with registration, please contact:

Valley Career & Technical Center
Adult Education
Laura Tait
49 Hornet Road
Fishersville, VA 22939
Phone: 540-245-5002 Ext:402
Fax: 540-885-0407
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