About Us

Learn new personal and professional skills online in Carson City, NV!

WNC is a vital part of the fabric of our communities. We strive to be good neighbors and contribute to the economic well-being of the ?areas we serve. We have deep roots in one of the most beautiful and pristine regions of the country. WNC is steeped with nearly 50 years of growth and educational excellence in Nevada. From our humble beginnings in Carson City, to our expansion into the communities of Fallon in 1981 and Douglas County in 1997, we have helped students achieve their educational goals and dreams. At WNC, we aim to not only to ensure the success of students in our classrooms and academic programs but also to create holistic individuals who are prepared to excel in their chosen academic fields and serve as leaders in their communities. We are proud of the college’s academic rigor, small class sizes and personalized instruction taught by some of the very best faculty in the great state of Nevada. Staff members on our team also provide students with a positive and nurturing environment. This aids in students’ completion of academic goals and prepares them to actively participate in a robust workforce.