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Nutrition has a profound impact not only on our health but also on our overall well-being. However, most people do not understand what foods they should eat, which diets are healthy for them, and where food comes from. This series is designed for healthcare workers, personal trainers, and individuals interested in a deep dive into the impacts of nutrition on our bodies. You will gain insight into how food interacts with our bodies on multiple levels—physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual—as...

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Starting  December 13, 2023
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Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health

(16 contact hours) Food and nutrition have a profound impact on our health and well-being, yet many of us are not aware of what foods to eat, which diets are healthy, and where our food originates. We eat toxic, irradiated, or genetically altered foods and we eat more than we need. How can we change our eating habits and become more conscious of what we eat, why we eat it, how it is prepared, and what consequences our food choices have on our health as well as the health of our planet? This certificate provides an overview of the role of food and nutrition choices on our bodies, our immune systems, our overall well-being, and the health of all sentient beings on an increasingly populated planet.

The outcome of this certificate is for the learner to describe a holistic overview of current food and nutrition issues and their impact on physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and planetary health.

Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion

(12 contact hours) Nutrition is a major determinant of health as well as a factor in many common chronic diseases. In this certificate program, you'll gain an understanding of the role food and water play in health, and see how making appropriate changes in one's diet can have powerful effects on health throughout life.

You'll examine how the burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide as traditional, largely plant-based diets are being replaced by high-fat, energy-dense diets with a substantial content of animal-based foods. This certificate addresses these issues and more and provides a solid foundation of for both health care professionals and those wishing to enter the fields of nutrition, health promotion, and lifestyle and wellness coaching.

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What you will learn

  • Describe the connection between nutrition and health
  • Explain the relationship between nutrition, stress, and immune function
  • Discuss current issues in nutrition
  • Explain the impact of obesity on public health in the United States
  • Describe how to accurately read food labels
  • Compare and contrast the health benefits and risks of various natural sweeteners
  • Explain the health considerations of botanicals, herbs, and herbalism
  • Describe the role of probiotics in health
  • Explain the local and global consequences of food choices
  • Discuss the political aspects of food and food production in the United States
  • Describe the potential impact of genetically modified foods on public health
  • Describe the connection between moods and food choices
  • Explain the causes and treatments for common foodborne illnesses
  • Explain common and emerging issues in national and global water safety
  • Describe the connection between nutrition, toxins, and chronic diseases

How you will benefit

  • Gain a greater awareness of what we eat, why we eat it, how it is prepared, and the physical, social, and environmental consequences of food choices on health, communities, and the planet
  • Examine the relationship between stress, obesity, the immune system, and nutrition
  • Explore how botanicals, herbs, herbalism, and probiotics can influence health and well-being
  • Discover how to properly read a food label and choose healthier sweeteners
  • Examine the current issues in nutrition, including toxins in the food chain, plastics and food, choosing appropriate supplements, food allergies, genetically modified organisms, and more
  • Examine the rising trend of chronic diseases and learn how nutrition and diet impact health
  • Learn to choose quality foods that support optimal health
  • Enhance your confidence in your ability to support patients with chronic diseases
  • Discover ways to improve your total health and well-being and positively impact your life and the life of your family
  • Learn new information that can help you prepare for a career in many areas of health (including health education, public health, nursing, medicine, social work, environmental health, or health coaching) as well as other fields (such as law, political science, advocacy, etc.)
  • Build knowledge and competencies needed to advance your career and/or improve your personal health and well-being
  • Fulfill continuing education and/or national certification requirements

How the course is taught

  • Instructor-led online course
  • 28 course hours
  1. Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health
    1. Nutrition and Health—What's the Connection?
    2. Nutrition, Stress, and Immune Function
    3. Obesity in America—A Public Health Epidemic
    4. Current Issues in Nutrition
    5. Spiritual Nutrition—The Global Consequences of Food Choices
    6. Food Labels—Deciphering the Mysteries
    7. Botanicals, Herbs, and Herbalism
    8. Natural Sweeteners—Healthy Options for Your Sweet Tooth
    9. Probiotics—Silent Partners in Health
  2. Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion
    1. The Politics of Food
    2. Hunger and Malnutrition
    3. Genetically Engineered (Modified) Foods—Safe or Sinister?
    4. Food and Mood: What's the Connection?
    5. Foodborne Diseases
    6. How Safe Is Your Water?
    7. Nutrition, Toxins, and Chronic Disease

Cyndie Koopsen

Cyndie Koopsen, RN, BSN, MBA, HNB-BC, RN-BC, HWNC-BC is a nurse who has cared for patients in acute care settings, community clinics, and the home. Her professional nursing career has involved nursing executive leadership and administration, accreditation consultation, staff development and education, community education and wellness, and holistic care. She has designed, developed, and presented numerous educational programs for audiences covering integrative health, promotion and wellness, and chronic disease management and prevention. She is the co-author (with Caroline Young) of two health care textbooks. She is the co-CEO and co-founder of ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC and has designed and developed over 300 online professional continuing education courses.

Caroline Young

Caroline Young, M.P.H., has an extensive public health background that includes experience in research, workshop presentations in various areas of health care, and online and onsite teaching. She has expertise in holistic community health and wellness program design, development, marketing, implementation, and evaluation. She has also designed, developed, and presented integrative health programs for culturally diverse populations, senior populations, and faith communities. She is the co-author (with Cyndie Koopsen) of two health care textbooks. She is the co-CEO and co-founder of ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC and has designed and developed over 300 online professional continuing education courses.

Instructor Interaction: The instructor looks forward to interacting with learners in the online moderated discussion area to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have on the course content.


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