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Johnston Community College in Smithfield, North Carolina, is located thirty miles east of Raleigh near the junction of I-95 and US 70. The 175-acre main campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, picturesque pines, colorful azaleas and scenic ponds and offers 57 occupational programs of study as well as numerous Continuing Education programs and community service activities. We are happy to bring online learning to the global community. As with any educational program, there are requirements for taking and completing a course. Please read the following information. **Important Information: Please Read** ***Required for Completion Certificate and JCC Credit Although your online course may state otherwise for your quizzes,in order to receive Continuing Education units(CEU)from Johnston Community College, you must complete quiz 1 by the 10% census date. This will be the first Friday following your start date. Also, in order to print or receive a certificate of completion, you must complete the final exam by passing with 70% or higher and 85% or higher for JCC certificate programs. Failure to complete both requirements will result in no Continuing Education Units. The Continuing Education units will go toward a future transcript if desired and be recorded in our college system.