Five Benefits of Online Courses for Military Spouses

Military spouses who want to use their MyCAA benefits have a ton of learning options available to pursue portable career training. Some options require in-person training, but the vast majority don't. So, if face-to-face classes aren't required, then it makes sense to explore alternative educational opportunities such as online learning.

What is online learning?

Since the earliest days of academic education, institutions have looked for ways to provide education from a distance (i.e. distance learning). With the introduction of the Internet, this idea became revolutionized and training centers, colleges, and universities rushed to build curriculums which could be taught online through "e-learning" platforms.
This method of instruction has gotten so wildly popular that the number of "traditional students" who attend classes in-person has been shrinking while "non-traditional students" are becoming the new normal! No more shelling out money for babysitters, no more juggling work schedules with class schedules. The benefits of online learning are simply too great to ignore!
With that in mind, let's look at five unbeatable benefits of online classes for military spouses to consider!

Learn a Portable Job via Portable Training

If you're looking for training in a portable profession, why not do it via a portable training solution? This way you'll not only learn the job-specific skills you need for the work you want to do, but you'll also get accustomed to the practical aspects of interacting with people from a distance—a major part of many portable jobs which are done remotely.
The benefit of learning in this manner will become quickly apparent when you begin performing new job duties. You'll see how online learning has made it easier to transition into a remote job environment and the self-discipline that entails.

Learn on Your Time, Not Theirs

With traditional learning, students must make it to classes being held at certain locations at certain times. If a situation arises where they can't attend, they miss the entire lesson (which they paid for!). But life is hectic. Many military spouses have kids at home or have jobs and can't afford to hire a sitter every time they need to go to class.
But with online learning, students view lessons and work through assignments when it is convenient to do so. This means there is no rushing around, no traffic jams, no worrying about being late, no paying for childcare, and no stress about how you're going to make-up for a missed class. Everything is there online waiting for you. You learn on your time, not theirs. You can even take classes in the middle of a Permanent Change of Station!
Online learning also expands your options exponentially, since you aren't limited to only taking classes offered during a certain date and time. Now you're free to take what you want, when you want!

Learn Anywhere

Perhaps the most valuable feature of online learning is the unlimited flexibility of where you can do it.
Need to study at the doctor's office? You can. Are you moving tomorrow? You can study regardless of where you are as long as you have access to a computer (or smart device) and an Internet connection. We're willing to bet that if you're reading this article, you've got both of those squared away already. So, you're all set!
The concept of learning anywhere also means that students who were once bound to whatever their local town's college had to offer now have unlimited access to classes taught from institutions around the world. There are no geographic barriers to limit you!

Same Content, Half the Hassle

In the earliest days of distance education, some institutions of higher education paid more attention to their on-campus students and didn't develop their distance ed programs very well. Why? Frankly, because there wasn't as much profit to be made.
But times have changed. Online learning is now an extremely popular method for schools to attract new students who love the flexibility of the online format. There is no loss of content quality. Instructors teach the same lessons to online learners as they do to traditional students, with as few modifications as possible.
Online learning platforms have developed to offer engaging experiences where students can learn just as well as traditional students, without the hassle of having to attend in-person. In fact, without all the distractions of a classroom, you may find yourself being able to focus better on your lessons!

Employers Respect Online Learning

Outdated distance education models were replaced by modern online learning platforms offering the same high-quality education to students as in-person methods do. When that happened, outdated mindsets about distance learning went out the window, too!
Employers—especially ones who engage in hiring remote workers—are very much aware of the benefits of utilizing Internet-savvy workers who have demonstrated their skills with technology by completing an online education program! The bottom line is, employers respect the value of online learning and will consider applicants to be qualified whether their training was done online or in-person.
These are but a few of the many great benefits of online learning for adults. Many students explore avenues to pursue portable career education, but they often focus so much on the program's requirements that they forget about themselves. Always keep in mind your own requirements. Make sure the course you select offers the flexibility to meet your unique needs!
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