Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our courses are entirely online. You can work on course material wherever and whenever you have Internet access.
While content will vary depending on the subject, all courses feature instructional text and a final exam. Many courses also include supplemental learning material, such as assignments, quizzes, audio, video, infographics, and hands-on labs.
Neither. Our courses were designed for flexible enrollment, meaning you can enroll any time of the year. However, courses may have a specific session start date.
Yes. If a course has a session start date, this is an “Instructor-Moderated” course. Courses without a session start date are “Self-Guided” courses.
Instructor-Moderated courses are designed for structured group learning. These courses feature an instructor-moderated discussion board so you can interact with your session cohort. These courses are 6 weeks in duration. Self-Guided courses are designed for completely independent learning, without instructor moderation. Students interact in the class discussion area. Students have access to the course for 3 months.
Instructor-Moderated courses are offered on a rolling monthly basis, with four available start dates to choose from during the registration process. After the course begins, you will receive new lessons on a set schedule over a six-week period. Two lessons are released each week—one on Wednesday and one on Friday. The final exam is released at the same time as the 12th lesson. You will then have two weeks to complete the exam.​
At the end of the two-week final exam period, an additional 10-day extension is automatically provided to finish any remaining course material. No additional extensions are provided beyond these 10 days.
Self-Guided courses are open enrollment, meaning you can enroll and start a course any time it is convenient. After enrolling, you will receive all lessons immediately and have three months access to complete the course content. Self-Guided courses do not have extensions.
If you have course content-related questions, Instructor-Moderated courses feature a “Discussion Area” where you can engage with your instructor. Any questions regarding drops, transfers, refunds, progress reports, or password and email changes are handled by our Student Support department.
Your course grade depends solely on passing a final multiple-choice exam on the first attempt. While lessons include assignments and quizzes, they are not mandatory and will not impact your grade. The minimum passing score for the final exam is 75.
While you have one attempt to pass the final exam, you do have the option to save, review, and even print your answers prior to submitting. If you do not pass the final exam, you can contact the Student Support department for available options.
When you successfully complete the course by passing the final exam, your Certificate of Completion will be available for download in your online classroom.

Enrollments can be dropped and refunded for up to 13 calendar days after the session start date, provided you have not accessed the final exam or completed the course. For Self-Guided courses, this is 13 calendar days from the date of enrollment. For Instructor-Moderated courses, this is 13 calendar days from the session start date, regardless of enrollment date. For Course Bundles, this is 13 calendar days from the session start date of the first course in the bundle.

This policy applies unless a Partner school or third-party funding source’s policy is more stringent, such as one that does not allow for refunds or one that allows fewer days in which to request the refund. If you have questions about this policy or are looking to drop a Fundamentals course, please contact us through the contact form on this page.

Continuing education courses are designed for personal and professional development. Generally, adults taking continuing education courses are working toward a personal and professional goal, such as gaining a new workplace skill, advancing a career, or simply learning to stimulate intellectual growth.
No, our courses are not-for-credit. However, some courses may be eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Units (PDU).

For help with CEU/PDU eligibility, or other registration questions, please contact:

Christine Ossipov
601 South College Rd
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: 910-962-2762

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