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If you're interested in teaching with Education To Go, we ask that you please complete the brief application form below.

We want you to succeed! Please pay very close attention to the first twelve questions below. If you can honestly answer yes to each and every one of these questions, we'd be very interested in learning more about you!

General Information

  1. Will our relationship with you be free of any potential conflicts of interest? *

    We cannot accept your application if you work for a company that competes for students, either directly or indirectly, with any of the schools in the Education To Go network.

  2. Do you have a college degree? *

    The Education To Go network is primarily made up of colleges and universities. Our partners will want reassurance that you believe strongly in the value of higher education. As such, we prefer to hear from applicants who both made and kept the commitment to earn a college degree.

  3. Do you have excellent written communication skills? *

    Most communication on the Internet is done in writing. Our students expect you to write clearly and correctly. You must be able to provide our students with written course materials of the highest quality.

  4. Are you willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement with us? *

    We have served more students for a longer period of time than anybody in the online education industry. We have developed time-tested and wildly successful online teaching methodologies that many in our industry have not yet discovered. Before we provide you with any training, we will ask you to sign a binding confidentiality agreement. The document provides us with your written guarantee that you will not disclose our secrets to anyone else or use those secrets to compete unfairly against us.

  5. Will you write to our specifications? *

    Your success with any publisher depends on your ability to adapt to that publisher's style. We're not willing to stray from our winning format. We're looking for writers who can develop courses that are consistent with all of our other courses in tone, style, and length.

  6. Can you write a course so complete that it does not require a textbook? *

    Your course should be so complete, well-researched, and well-written that your students will not require a textbook or other peripheral materials. When your course is fully written, your students should be able to print your lessons to use as a comprehensive reference guide to the subject matter you teach. Do you know your material well enough to write a course that does not require any outside materials?

  7. Do you have time to write a course? *

    A typical Education To Go course consists of 120 single-spaced, 8.5" x 11" pages of text. Most of our instructors are able to produce roughly one page an hour. At that rate, it would take you 120 hours to develop an entire course. We're looking for instructors who can complete a course for us in three months or less. Be honest: can you spend two or more hours a day writing a course to completion?

  8. Can you meet deadlines? *

    Once you set a deadline for delivery of your course, we will hold you to that date. We like to see instructors who are organized and considerate of others.

  9. Are you willing to improve your course after it has been written? *

    We will be going over each and every document you submit to us very carefully, and we may return some of your lessons to you with corrections and suggestions. We like to work with instructors who see the lessons they write as unfinished products, and who rely on our informed opinions to help them build a better course.

  10. Do you have time to facilitate your course? *

    All of our courses are instructor-led. This means that we will require you to spend at least two hours each weekday interacting with your students or improving your course material. We have found a direct correlation between the time an instructor spends in his or her classroom and the level of student satisfaction with the course. This satisfaction usually translates into good word of mouth and soaring enrollments. However, you need to ask yourself: can you spare ten hours a week to support your students?

  11. Do you have excellent people skills? *

    Working with students over the Internet can be both invigorating and frustrating. How you respond when a student frustrates you will determine your success with us. We look for instructors who love to help others. We look for instructors who are humble, eager to assist those in need, and respectful of the thoughts and beliefs of others.

  12. Is your course unique and well-suited to our demographic? *

    We like to see fresh ideas. Obviously, we cannot develop a title that is already in our catalog. So please do a little research before you submit your application. Take a look at our courses wanted page to get a good idea of the types of courses we're interested in developing at this time. Then, explore our online course catalog to get a good feel for what we do offer and to make sure you aren't proposing to develop and teach a course we already have.

    And finally, please make sure that you are submitting a course that will appeal to working adults, most of whom are between the ages of 25 and 75. Although we work with major colleges and universities, it is important to note that we do not target college students. Instead, we serve their parents and grandparents.

About Your Course:

  1. Title *
    Type a brief title for the course you want to write. Two to five words is ideal; please do not submit a title with more than eight words:
  2. Description *
    Briefly describe the course you want to write:
  3. Target Audience *
    We specialize in credit-free courses for adults aged between 24 and 75. Please describe the segment of our market to which your course is targeted. (Three examples: Women over 50, Young adults in their mid twenties, Small business owners of any age, etc.)
  4. Justification
    Why should Education To Go offer your course? Tell us how you feel Education To Go would benefit by adding your new course to our current catalog of offerings.

About You:

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  2. Your First Name: *
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  4. Day Phone: *
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  8. City/State/Zip:
  9. Country (if not USA):
  10. Your Highest Level of Education:
  11. Major
    If you hold a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or Doctorate, please specify the major field of study for each degree earned:
  12. Professional Experience
    Briefly describe the duration and extent of your paid experience with the subject matter you wish to teach.
  13. Teaching Experience
    Briefly describe the duration and extent of your teaching experience.
  14. Writing Experience
    Briefly describe your writing background. Tell us about any published articles, books, or other written material you have produced.


Please submit only one application per month and do not enter any more than one course title or description on that application. If you have ideas for multiple courses, please complete an application for the one single course you think will be the most successful in our market.

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